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Ralph Anthony Capozzi

Owner/Master Colorist/Designer


Ralph’s lifelong love of the hairdressing industry and fashion began in 1984. While attending college in NYC he was approached by his stylist Vincent Moncelsi of Bumble & Bumble Fame to work reception at the salon. This was the beginning of an amazing introduction into a passion that has not ever ceased. From the onset, Ralph Anthony’s love and thirst for learning propelled him into a career that has spanned years with many of his original clients continuing to utilize his services after more than 3 decades. Having A client list of hundreds because of his attention to detail, a love of his craft, continuing education, and determination is something he is very proud of. Creator of The Capozzi & Co. Salon Shear Runway Project, a runway event designed to not only challenge the Capozzi Team but to also bring awareness and support to various community programs...the greatest of which is America’s VetDogs, providing service dogs to First Responders and Disabled Veterans. The Capozzi Runway Events have provided financial support to many causes that help people live better lives. Outside of the salon, his projects include work in film, model photo shoots, magazine and catalog styling.




An industry veteran since 1997, Colleen, mother of 5, joined The Capozzi team in 2015. Colleen’s enthusiasm, consistency & drive have helped her build a hearty client list. Colleen strives to give her very best, her clients....simply love her. Her open mind allows her to continuously progress to new levels. Her work at the salon allows her freedom to enjoy her family and her love of fashion.




Having been with The Capozzi Team since 2007, Michelle’s ascension from assistant to apprentice to stylist and then onto Senior Stylist/Colorist in just a few short years demonstrates her ability to learn, absorb and apply her talent to her work in her own unique way. Michelle’s love of nature and adventure inspires her to bring that energy to her chair where so much magic happens. Michelle was winner of Capozzi & Co. Salons 2015 Shear Runway Project:Seven Deadly Sins “Audience Choice Award.”




Claire began work at The Capozzi Salon in 2012. As with most of our talented team members, Claire climbed the ladder from Salon Assistant to Apprentice to Junior Stylist. She has worked consistently at not only building her clientele but building her skills through study. Claire is the only Capozzi Team member to win both The Capozzi & Co. Salon Shear Runway Project’s Judges Choice Award & Audience Choice Award at our SRP2014:Alice Goes To Oz.



Salon Manager

Our Salon Manager, Theresa, has added a level of professionalism and caring that would be the envy of every salon owner. She is a compassionate and accommodating ear at our salon entrance who always puts our guests first. Having started out as a client of our salon owner Ralph Anthony in 1987, they quickly became family and our trust in her is without limit.





Christine, our part time Salon Receptionist will always accommodate and work with a guest’s wishes and expectations. Her level of care is much appreciated by all who work with her to schedule their appointments and the Capozzi Team.




Mia’s professionalism, kindness and incredible work ethic fill us with much pride! Mia is an assistant that brings praise from our guests to our technicians and her hard work allows our technicians even more success because of her ability to execute our instructions to perfection.

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