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Mente X Mano X Cuore...

Mind X Hand X Heart is The Capozzi Team’s formula of creation and production

Hair Design

We believe exceptional design changes people’s lives...
With the combination of unparalleled product quality, & education of our team members The Capozzi Team is equipped to think creatively and focus on what matters most...YOU

Through innovative hair cutting/design strategies you can live freely...
We help you “know thyself,” We consider what makes you “you” and then make the most of your innate qualities. Let your confidence, your intelligence, your quirkiness make a statement and we help you do that!
Style is a constant...Style defines you...It’s the vocabulary for telling YOUR STORY!

Adult Individual Hair Design: $37-$103
*pricing depending on time needed for service and experience of individual technicians.


The Blow Dry $37-45
The Blow Dry w/Iron $47+
The Upstyle $75+
The Braid $45+


Capozzi & Co.Salon Is The Color Salon!
What does it take to have style?
Knowing yourself, playing to your strengths, and determining the singular quality that makes you stand out in the crowd. Your hair-color is as individual as you, and The Capozzi Team understands this.

With excellent skill, knowledge and limitless creativity we are able to formulate and map out a strategy, creating your own dimensional shine-filled or matte hair-color.

The Single Process/Base Color/Foundation Color $88+
(Price varies by length & includes shine enhancing, color building, color refreshing glaze)


The Eyebrow $25

Customization of brow color available

The Glaze $78+
  A) Semi Permanent Glaze...a deposit only color....lasts through 6-8 shampoos*
  B) Demi Permanent Glaze...a deposit only color lasting 24-30 shampoos*
*with the use of proper water temperature and the use of recommended products.

Dimensional Color

Hairline Dimensional $57+ (application of highlighting or low lighting panels of color around frame of face to add complimentary tones to both skin color/eye color)

Focus Foiling $103+ (+ base $181+) (application of dimensional color panels around hairline and “surface area” creating dimension through these areas)

Global Foiling $208+ (for a most natural integration of either bold or soft dimension for your hair color involving foiling/painting techniques throughout entire head of hair)

Balayage Long Hair Technique $230+ ($280+ with Claire) (the art of painting the hair, an application of color that allows the “on-trend” look of a more natural root area with lighter mids to ends) The Lightener is applied in a “sweeping” movement. Balayage is a “painting” technique that allows the colorist complete freedom, creating movement and lightness within the final look.

Double Glaze $155. This “layering” of glazes is done after your single process has been completed, giving an extra dose of sparkle, shine, conditioning and color sealing.

The World of Texture

No Rules Apply...

Refine your texture....

Change your texture...

Love your texture...


Keratin Treatment $125+ (Inspired by the trends on Brazilian beaches....smoothness and humidity protection)


Relaxer $150/hr+ for the ultimate in straightening and curl removal

(Although at Capozzi & Co. Salon, We Love Curl, Wave and Natural should too...We would love to teach you how to work with what nature gave you.)

Hand Tied/Tape-In Extensions

Comprised of both Single and Double density Hand Tied and Machine Weft hair extensions, this collection provides the freedom to customize every sew in hair transformation. Creating seamless length, color and volume all while accommodating clients’ active lifestyles is more achievable than ever. Choose from 23 curated colors to create the perfect new look with the top quality 100% Remy human hair you know and trust.

Our tape-in extensions create a water-tight seal by securing the hair between two hypoallergenic adhesive bands for a long-lasting application. The adhesive wefts lay completely flat on the head causing no tension and are easy to remove. With proper care, each extension application lasts 6 to 8 weeks and allows for up to 3 re-applications for a total of 8 to 10 months of wear.

Our patented Plus technology is designed to simulate hair growing directly from the scalp. Mimicking the natural root, the adhesive band is concealed by carefully inserting hair into the band, creating a nearly invisible result.

*Pricing upon consultation. Varies according to market.

Hair Design.png
Hair Color Bowls Transparent.png
Dimensional Color Transparent.png
HairTalkExtensions Transparent.png

Money Saving Salon Options

Exclusive To Capozzi & Co.Salon:


Keep your color looking great between color services... Our “T” color program allows you to have your single process color retouched at part line & front hairline complimentary when accompanied with a blow out at the two week mark(so “roots” are always concealed)

8 Week Global Dimensional Color Program  maintains your dimensional color at the highest level while you save 20% off regular Pricing on this service.

3 Week Color Program your single process color application done every 3 weeks keeping “color perfection” at 20% off regular pricing.

Young Talent/Apprentice Design and Cut $35....a licensed professional in training providing you with great style while you save money.

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