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The Shear Runway Project

Synergy...the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. With synergy....great things happen. The Shear Runway Project is about Synergy.

were originally intended to challenge our team members, allow them to take their skills and stretch them beyond known limits. SRP was intended to “open up” Capozzi team minds to new skills, new ways of doing things, & especially new ideas. Through experimentation with untried techniques, new possibilities emerge. When we set new goals we aspire to new levels of skill and unexpected gains happen, all combined, producing a synergy to help not only enrich our lives but the lives of others. Through our success we commit to serving our community, and Capozzi & Co. Salon accomplishes this through the Shear Runway Project.

Capozzi & Co. Salon Shear Runway Project Benefitting America’s VetDogs 7/16/2021

SRP 2021 Democracy On The Dancefloor For

The Capozzi & Co. Salon’s 11th Annual Shear Runway Project on Friday July 16, 2021

Cocktail Hour, Runway Showcase, & After Party

The very successful Democracy On The Dance-floor took place at Stereo Garden - 9 Railroad Avenue in Patchogue, New York, in conjunction with America’s VetDogs. The Capozzi Salon debuted their Studio 54 era inspired collection of hair couture on the runway to showcase its talented technicians, while helping to bring awareness to the America’s VetDogs cause: Providing service dogs to disabled veterans and first responders.


Since 2011, the generous gifts of over $60,000 from Capozzi & Co. Salon’s Shear Runway Projects have assisted America’s VetDogs in their mission to help those who have served our country honorably, live with dignity and independence. With renewed support, extraordinary assistance dogs will continue to be provided at no cost for the veterans who have protected and served our country. This 11th Shear Runway Project helped Capozzi & Co. Salon’s fundraising tradition continue.


Currently there are 10 service dogs sponsored by Capozzi & Co. Salon making it possible for their human partners to live each day without boundaries.


This unique partnership between both The Capozzi & Co. Salon and America’s VetDogs has produced outstanding results. As stated by Capozzi Salon Director R.Anthony Capozzi, “these service dogs allow the recipients of them to pick themselves up both physically and emotionally, allowing the independence we all want for ourselves.”


If you would like to donate to this very important cause, click the "Donate Now" button below. 

All proceeds will go to America’s VetDogs providing service dogs to 

First Responders & Disabled Veterans 


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Since Our Founding in 1997, Capozzi & Co. Salon has been committed to the Long Island community and beyond. We offer fundraising assistance to local groups and organizations who are friends of our salon. You may request donations to raffle or auction for galas and special events.

The Capozzi Salon is proud of all the people and causes we have helped...

We are blessed, so we must bless...

We reserve the right to prioritize those who are most in need at the time of a request.

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